An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

Butcher is a unique underground horror artist, that we appreciate and follow for some time now. He started experimenting with small viral videos a decade ago, when he was known as The Mad Magician. He was following the example of the infamous Masked Magician, who in the late '90's was revealing the secrets of famous magic tricks on a television show, in the style of Penn & Teller. The only twist with Butcher's videos back then, is that he didn't bother using magic tricks for his "act". The videos became viral for some time, before completely disappearing, due to a legal case. Apparently some people thought that those videos were the real thing and managed to confiscate the original materials and pulled them out of circulation and were banned from websites on the INTERNET. Butcher owns a second generation copy of some of those videos, and we will upload them on the website, as soon as we make them look acceptable for viewers.


After a hiatus, Butcher returned to underground movie making, after he found an investor for his projects. He has created a number of underground slasher horror thrillers, most of them rare to find, because they are primarily sold as physical copies in horror events and conventions. In his first short movies as "Butcher", he is wearing a pig's mask that looks cheap and nasty, but in the productions that followed, the mask has been replaced, probably due to the fund he got from the investor, with something more expensive and more fearful, that looks very iconic for his personality and physic. It is rumored that the guy sleeps in his mask from time to time, and that he also doesn't appear without it on set and on location.


His latest two projects have been shot back to back, they are both underground slasher thrillers, with some "snuff" found footage style elements inside, and they will be available very soon. The first is titled URBEXING and the second is titled GEOCACHING - GEOCORPSING. Butcher is a so-called TREND KILLER, a word-play, and focuses only on INTERNET-related trends, that are hot at the point the movie is produced. They are both very exciting and full of suspense and blood, while the whole concept is also great for fans of those trends and showcases his technique of finding victims in full detail, which serves as a very informative platform for actual Urbexers and Geocachers. The posters of those movies are already out, you can expect a trailer and more information on those two and on Butcher's full filmography very soon.









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