An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 7.Snuff360

Chapter 7: Snuff 360 - William and his group focus on their website and their snuff style videos, with extra attention to virtual and augmented reality and how it can bring back fear to every viewer.


After the trip to the Netherlands, and due to the involvement of the police, while the group was shooting the live show, William gets back to creating videos for the website and to focus on Fear and why everyone is so attracted by horror and real crimes and accidents. Virtual reality is the perfect new media for creating the best possible experience for the viewer, and a perfect way for him to study the reactions of patients, when they are inside delusional stages, especially without VR glasses, as if they were inside a video game.


The website becomes huge and far more profitable than the Deep Web onion one, and a number of videos get viral Online, something that gives the freedom to William and his crew to prepare their departure out of Germany, while still being active and making money.


While the creepy videos are scary but very interesting and safe for the participants, one of them loses control of his mind and turns the fake snuff into reality.









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